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Muslim Students Working Together Fi Sabilillah

Contact Information

How to contact the MSA National Office, and MSA National Executive Members. Find out who is the MSA National representative are for your area!

MSA Conferences

Announcements and on-line application forms for our famous Annual MSA Conference at the ISNA Convention, ground-breaking MSA Zonal conferences, Regional retreats, etc. We're coming to a city near you!

Islam Awareness Week

Information, IAW Manual, logos, Press Release, and ideas for the annual Islam Awareness Week project coordinated by MSA National with over 100 MSA Chapters participating from across North America.

Resources For MSAs

Your MSA Need anything? Find out about MSA National's resources for MSAs such as the MSA Speakers List, MSA Starter's Guide, etc. Request these items on-line! Also, find out about resources targetting MSAs from other organizations.

Resources Lists Page

This is the place to look for Masajid (Mosques), National Muslim Organizations, MSA Chapters, Islamic Schools, Muslim Relief Organizations, Islamic Bookstores (worldwide), Organizations that supply Da'wah material, Islamic Financial Institutes, and Muslim Cemeteries in North America. Mostly searchable too!

MSA Publications

We are starting to put MSA's publications on-line. Currently available is the MSA Starter's Guide.


Information on how to join MSA-Net, MSA-ORG, and one of our many regional MSA Email networks. Also, your site for more comprehensive source of links to numerous home pages of MSA Chapters in North America.

MSA Chapter Affiliation

Information on how MSA Chapters can affiliate with MSA National, and the advantages to MSAs to affiliate. Without you, there is no MSA National.

Current Projects

Current projects underway for MSAs by MSA National.

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